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My Music, My Writing, My Passions.

Poetry and Stories

This is where I let my mind wander a little through my life experiences. Love, pain, pleasures and the whole damn thing.


Love, Lost and found:

1) Behind the Painted Smile

2) As Sure as the Sun Rises  3) Amroth

4) Lay in my Arms

5) Lost Days, Someone 6) Nearly

7) What place for a Memory

8) Life, Music, Love.

9) Dereliction of disaffection NEW!

10) Buried My Love in your garden

11) The Time is Now

12) Rose Shaped Lights

13) And I will love_U 14) The Willow Tree

Other Themes:

1) Niall 2 2) Any Old Iron

3) Scorn the sight of Paters Beckoning

4) Intelligence 5) Wales

6) All Men Behold 7) Chocolate  8) Wales 2

9) A trip to the theatre

10) The time is now

Childish Poems:

1) Manky is my cat

2) Child's Diary Entry

3) Squirrel’s Revenge

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1) Wherever You Are  2) Speed Dating

3) Movements in G Major Edited 09-05-12

4) Star Books 5) Just for a change 2

6) Rolfs Adventures: The Wedding  

7) Puppy for sale (FF) 8) Close to the heart

9) Rolfs Picnic (FF) 10) Caroline’s Story

11) Dating Hunny 12) Rolfs Second Adventure 13) Rolfs Third Adventure 14) The Hat 15) The Orb (FF)

Children/Teen Reads

1) Philfy Stories Prologue  

1a) Philfy Chapters 1-4, 1b) 6-10


1) Polly’s Diary

2) La Petite Mort (ADULT - email if you would like to read.)

3) Karen Black-Three loves & two near misses Pt 1 UE

4) Karen Black -Three Loves and Two Near Misses Part 2

5) Karen Black Pt 3.

6) The Last Dance - a piece about dementia

7) I dream of Jenny (Jar of hearts)  

8) Out of the frying pan

9) Lovers Anonymous 10) Emale, Efemale

10) Lexicon of Love.

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UN= UnEdited  UF=Unfinished

FF= Flash Fiction


Margaret M Joyce