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Paws and Claws


Friends of Philfy

Many thanks to the following fabulous people, initials used to protect the not very innocent:

Nialler, Abigail Gabble, Mr J Parker, David ‘Enigma’ Bils, Lyn Ratty, TS, EJ, Reginald Dewight, Phillip Lynott, Debz Hobbs-Wyatt, Mother Theresa’s Mother, Algenon Razamatazz, Billy Joel, Robert Palmer, Joanne L, Authonomy, Vanessa M, TB, Mel ‘Jaegermeister’ C, Green  House literary, Dawn ‘Danger Mouse’ H, Diane, Dawn Lindsay, Sallie Driscoll, Len Y, Eric C, Re-Con,, Albert, Mr Oliver, Anna S, Sarah S, Pete S, Giorgetta B, Jane T, Helen, Sam, Bob Dylan, Sarah Maclachlan, Tara Maclean, Guy T, Hilary M, Rolo, Bananas, Nissan, Toyota, Zingjian Cymbals, Phallic Symbols, Holly J. Yamaha. Pot Noodle, Niall Quinn, JT, Noodlz, Pissy Pants, TH, James Stewart, Cary Grant, Randolph T Rainford, Craig ‘The Artist’ L, Black Books, Coupling, Uncoupling, House MD, IT Crowd, Thunderbirds, Startrek, The Beiderbeck affair, anything with Anna Maxwell Martin, Ewan Macgregor or Damien in.  My sisters you tube site ChaosEmerald08, Spike Milligan And anyone who knows me or chooses not to…now! Lol. Really anyone who has provided some form of inspiration or plot idea.

You are all nutters but I love yah! (In a non-sexual way Dave!)

Margaret M Joyce